When was it founded?

The Abroy company was founded in 2009 in the city of Bishkek, in the Chui region. Due to the high quality of the product and innovations in the technology of manufacturing sausages, the Abroy trademark has become the leader in sales in Kyrgyzstan. A key factor in the company's success is the decision to make products only from high-quality and natural ingredients and spices. To date, the company has undergone a chain of transformations. We have completely changed and improved the recipe and production technology, strengthened quality control, making the products even tastier and healthier. All products from the company "Abroy" are made according to a special recipe with careful observance of all technological standards, as well as the ratio of ingredients and spices. We have our own fleet of vehicles with refrigerators, and we also distribute products in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (Almaty, Nursultan) on our own.

Quality control

We produce high-quality and natural products that comply with all technological regulations and rules prescribed in Islam. All our products have the necessary certificates of quality and conformity, including the Halal certificate. An independent examination for compliance with Halal standards is carried out by an incoming "inspector" - a representative of the clergy, deputy imam of the Rozalim mosque, p. Lebedinovka KR, Ametov Parkhat Tursunmukhametovich. The company employs highly qualified employees with many years of work experience at large enterprises for the production of sausages and meat products in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The company has equipped warehouses with temperature sensors, humidity sensors and racks.

Extensive experience, over 13 years.

Knowledge of the industry and its prospects.

Using high quality raw materials and natural ingredients.

Possession of a Halal certificate

The Halal certificate confirms that the raw materials used, additives and spices, production facilities, as well as the products themselves comply with the Halal standards and requirements.

Highly qualified employees

Employees with many years of experience in large enterprises for the production of sausages and meat products in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Exclusive supplier of spices

Supplier of spices and other ingredients for sausages from the best European manufacturers.

Availability. Ideal value for money.

Freshness and safety of products.

Packing of own production from high-quality material.

In the market of Kyrgyzstan, the company "Abroy" has repeatedly confirmed its high quality due to the trust and loyalty of its customers.

At the moment, we have far-reaching plans and prospects:

Development of new markets
Expansion of the product line
Improving labor efficiency
Opening branded stores
Expansion of production capacities

We carefully monitor the preferences of our consumers and strive to meet a variety of tastes. To do this, we are constantly improving the recipe and technology for manufacturing sausages.

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