Today Abroy is a modern, technically equipped enterprise offering a range of meat products for every taste.

The production technology of sausage products consists of several stages:


          1. Preparation of raw materials: defrosting, cutting, carcass deboning, trimming of meat.

We supply the raw materials from which our product is made from local agricultural farms, the slaughter is carried out strictly in accordance with all the norms of Islam in compliance with all necessary sanitary and veterinary standards.

          2. Grinding in meat grinders or cutters

This process is carried out in order to give a delicate and uniform texture to the products.


          3. Preparation of minced meat using cutters and meat mixers

Here, depending on the characteristics of the recipe and production technology, bacon, various spices and spices are added.


          4. Shaping loaves

Filling shells with minced meat


          5. Draft

It is usually carried out for semi-smoked, boiled-smoked and smoked sausages. This process lasts from 8 to 12 hours at a temperature of +2 +4 C. As a result, a sausage with a dried, tight-fitting casing is obtained, and the minced meat has a bright red color.

          6. Cooking

Most varieties of sausages are boiled and then smoked. Smoking is carried out with hot smoke at a temperature of 35-50 C.


          7. Cooling

First, the sausages are cooled under a water shower, and then they are placed in a chamber with an air temperature of +2 +4 C.


          8. Packing and storage

Packing is the process of evacuation into a vacuum-packing film.

Storage of finished products is carried out in specially equipped refrigerators at a temperature of +2 +5 C.


          9. Quality control

 Without fail, all stages of the technology for the production of sausages are controlled. Thanks to modern devices and technologies, it is possible to check the temperature, humidity in workshops, chambers, and even in finished products. Constant control allows to achieve the most identical technological production of sausages from batch to batch.


We carefully observe all hygienic and sanitary standards at all stages of the production process.

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