General Director's message

Aisaev Utkur

Company Director

Message from the CEO

Our dear and beloved consumer, we want to express our gratitude for your choice and are happy to share the latest news with you!

In 2021, my team and I have done a huge and painstaking work to improve the quality, taste and appearance of our products. We have purchased the latest European equipment, changed the recipe and strengthened quality control in production. Today, control over compliance with Halal standards is carried out by an inspector, part-time deputy imam of the Rosalim mosque, s. Lebedinovka KR, Ametov Parkhat Tursunmukhametovich.

The principles of "Abroy Group" are to be as open and honest as possible, preserving and maintaining the unchanging traditions of our company.

I personally have been supplying raw materials for the meat industry for more than 15 years, and these are: spices, starch, casings from the best European manufacturers - and I know how important taste and naturalness are for you. And as a person with experience, I can guarantee the quality of not only finished products, but also the raw materials used in production.

I do not promise, I guarantee the best taste and halal of our products.

Let there always be natural and tasty products on your table!

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