Truth or lie? 7 myths about sausage

Truth or lie? 7 myths about sausage
Truth or lie? 7 myths about sausage

      1. Modern sausage is made “wrong”

Today's sausage is not the same as before. The taste is completely different, representatives of the older generation complain. However, the taste of the products is quite understandable. Over the decades since the release of the “correct Soviet sausage”, the ecology, meat raw materials and production technologies have changed a lot. And no matter what people say, the tastes themselves have also changed. Before they were alone, now they are different.

      2. There is little meat in the current sausage and it does not look natural.

In order to refute this statement, it is enough to observe the production in the production shop. Raw materials (meat) reach 80-85% of the composition of the finished product, all other ingredients include: water, spices, potato starch.

      3. Modern sausage is stored for a long time, probably there is solid chemistry in it.

Chemistry in the composition has nothing to do with it, since packaging and vacuum are responsible for the safety and shelf life of the sausage. For example, Abroy uses a polyamide smoke-tight casing. It is vapor-moisture-gas impervious and protects the contents from external influences. If no violations occurred during the storage or transportation of products, then the sausage will not lose its taste for several weeks. Of course, for this it is necessary to observe the storage temperature. However, once the package has been opened, the sausage should be consumed as quickly as possible.

      4. Preservatives and food additives. Because of them, sausage became dangerous to eat.

Preservatives in the composition of the product certainly affect the taste and appearance, but they in no way affect the health of consumers. Since they are contained in the minimum quantities established by the relevant technological standards.

      5. All sausages are unacceptably high in calories

Not all sausages can be classified as high-calorie. Today, even athletes can diversify their diet by buying products from lean beef and lean chicken breast.

      6. Sausage consists of soy additives.

In recipes for sausages of the highest grades, such an ingredient as soy is not provided. In products of the first and second grades, its content should not exceed 10%. The products of the company "Abroy" are of the highest grade.

      7. Those who do not eat meat get sick less and live longer.

This is not true. If you completely refuse meat, on the contrary, you can get sick. In particular, the cardiovascular system may suffer. In addition, meat products contain the vitamin A we need. It is harmful to abuse meat, but 100-150 g per day will only benefit our health.

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