What is "halal" and halal sausage?

What is "halal" and halal sausage?
What is "halal" and halal sausage?

"Halal" is an Arabic term used in Islamic law to define products or actions that are allowed or allowed in terms of the Qur'an. Literally, the word "Halal" in Arabic means "permitted" or "lawful". Thus, this means that this product meets all the norms of the Islamic tradition.

Halal products in modern society are increasingly attracting people who prefer healthy and safe food, try to play sports and refuse fast foods and junk food, because these products are distinguished by special requirements that apply to the methods of their production. The term "Halal" has become almost synonymous with the concept of "quality".

Products under the Halal sign are not only permitted products for Muslims, which do not contain substances and components prohibited in Islam (pork and carrion), it is also a guarantee of product quality (healthy animal, proper healthy food), as well as the use of special slaughter for livestock, when the blood is almost completely removed and hygienic rules are observed strictly and strictly. Halal products include not only meat, but also sausage, confectionery, poultry and many other products.

If we disassemble the sausage according to the HALAL principle, then we must see what it consists of. The basis of sausage is meat, herbal supplements and spices. As far as meat is concerned, firstly, it must be the meat of permitted animal species, such as livestock. It is forbidden to eat predatory animals that hunt with their fangs or claws. It is forbidden to eat pork and wild boars. It is forbidden to eat carrion.

Allowed animal species must be fed clean food that does not contain harmful substances. The animal must be stabbed with a sharp knife so as not to experience additional torment, the release of stress hormone into the blood is minimized here. A believing Muslim (Muslim) must slaughter, and before slaughtering, he must say the words "BISMILLAHI ALLAH AKBAR", which means "with the name of ALLAH I slaughter this animal. ALLAH is great. The piercer must cut 4 things: the two jugular veins, the esophagus, and the trachea. If you cut three things instead of four, this is also permissible, but not less than three. Then you need to give up the spirit of the animal before proceeding to butcher the carcass.

Spices must be of plant origin and do not contain things harmful to the human body, without GMOs.

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